Welcome to the Four Counties Garden Club

Four Counties Garden Club celebrated its 95th Anniversary in 2017. We have continued the love and expertise in horticulture;
the knowledge of the most cutting edge in artistic design; conservation issues; and the civic endeavors in which we are involved.
As members of the Four Counties Garden Club, we are also members of the Garden Club of America (GCA), the Philadelphia
Committee of the Garden Club of America (PCGCA), and supporters of the 2013 conservation project "The Restoration of
Concourse Lake" in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. Besides service to our community, FCGC members take great pleasure in
sharing our horticultural knowledge and demonstrating our skills in club, regional, and national competitions.

                                                                                                             Our Mission
The purpose of the club shall be to stimulate the knowledge and the love of gardening. Its aim shall be to encourage members to increase their knowledge of horticulture and conservation, and to improve and protect the quality of the environment through programs of education and community service. 

                    Officers of the Club 2017-2018
President                                             Pam Smyth 
Vice President                                  Mandy Swope Joos 
Treasurer(s)                                        Susan Townend 
Recording Secretaries                  Marty Devenney
Corresponding Secretary           Aldys Davis 

Our garden club includes members from Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties of  the state of Pennsylvania.